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    TeachingMVP was founded in 2019 as a passion project - a way to support those that struggle with online pedagogy. I had been working with faculty at St. John's University for five years at that point, and was looking for ways to help others. Little did I know that the pandemic would thrust educators around the world into online teaching.


    For almost two years I was conducting regular sessions with faculty and posting the recordings on this site. Occasionally I would get pulled in to do sessions for other faculty around the U.S., but ultimately this has become more of a repository for ideas around online learning. Now that I am managing an online program (MS in Nursing) at St. John Fisher University, my contributions here are limited - but I still enjoy adding content.


    Please enjoy the resources I have compiled and you are welcome to ask questions if something isn't clear. I'm always happy to have a conversation about online learning!

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    While too many instructors struggle with online course design, I enjoy the challenge. Share with me what you think "can't be done."


    Damien L. Duchamp, Ed.D