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    TeachingMVP was founded in 2019 as a passion project - a way to support those that struggle with online pedagogy. I had been working with faculty at St. John's University for five years at that point, and was looking for ways to help others. Little did I know that the pandemic would thrust educators around the world into online teaching.


    For almost two years I was conducting regular sessions with faculty and posting the recordings on this site. Occasionally I would get pulled in to do sessions for other faculty around the U.S., but ultimately this has become more of a repository for ideas around online learning. Now that I am managing an online program (MS in Nursing) at St. John Fisher University, my contributions here are limited - but I still enjoy adding content.


    Please enjoy the resources I have compiled and you are welcome to ask questions if something isn't clear. I'm always happy to have a conversation about online learning!

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    While too many instructors struggle with online course design, I enjoy the challenge. Share with me what you think "can't be done."


    Damien L. Duchamp, Ed.D


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    "My goal is to bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical, and keeping students engaged in the process. Whether it's a course, training or some type of presentation, I am confident I can develop what you need."

    Damien L. Duchamp, Ed.D

    Originally from France and subsequently Woodstock, NY, I earned a B.S. in Communications from SUNY New Paltz, an M.Ed from Clemson University, and an Ed.D from Gwynedd Mercy University.


    I have spent more than two decades in higher education. The first thirteen years were as an administrator in student affairs, specializing in residence life, student activities and fraternity/sorority advising. During this time I advised all types of organizations, planned small to large events, and collaborated with countless colleagues. Highlights include Just Press Play (concert at St. John's University), the Greek Support Team (collaboration with Women's Basketball at Indiana State), and The Names Project (AIDS quilt at Clemson University). I assure you there are many more... just ask!


    In 2009 I made the shift to doing similar events work in the hospitality industry, serving as the brand ambassador for Evian Water in New York City. In this role I visited nearly 100 venues each week and developed relationships with countless clients. I used my training skills from student affairs to improve customer service, and programming skills to create engaging promotions. This led to consulting projects where I helped launch a culinary studio (Cook&Go) and a burger franchise (Jack's Shack). I specialize in customer service, marketing, technology and tourism entrepreneurship. I am also passionate about sustainability and the impact of tourism on local communities.


    My work within the hospitality industry led to an adjunct teaching appointment in the HMT program at St. John's University. One class turned into three, then came appointments at City Tech, LaGuardia Community College and other great programs. With a few years of online teaching experience, I teach part-time with the Online Learning team at St. John's University. There I was the first Online Teaching Essentials instructor and now teach Advanced Online Teaching Strategies. I am also a course writer for Cohesion, designing hospitality, tourism, and marketing-related classes.


    After several years teaching as an adjunct, I was hired full time to lead the HTM program at St. Joseph's College in Brooklyn. At SJC I have assembled a comprehensive advisory board that informs the curriculum, and bring countless practitioners to campus for students to learn with. I work very closely with K-12 colleagues, providing opportunities for them on campus and visiting their schools often. I sit on three of their advisory boards and am an active participant in DOE/CTE commissions. As the director of the Institute for Hospitality & Tourism Management (IHTM), I partner with various hospitality and tourism organizations to provide both large programs and focused research. The latest research project involves how hospitality can inform the health care industry.


    In 2013 I founded Hospitalented, an organization dedicated to 'Global Hospitality Education.' At 10,000ft, "Hospi" is dedicated to providing hospitality and tourism education to those in remote locations or in places where resources are slim. At the campus level, Hospi is a hospitality and tourism club. Through Hospitalented in conjunction with IHTM, I produces programs like Not So Scary Foods (future of food; insects, plant-based), Art in a Bottle (business behind beverage and condiment brands) and the Airline Expo (careers in airlines, at airports). These programs have attracted over 800 high school students to campus each year.


    In my own courses, I make sure that learning activities stay relevant by keeping a finger on the industry pulse and paying attention to everything around me. Even though I am an HTM professor, I am able to teach courses in business, English, French, communications, marketing and recreation. I have come to believe that teaching is more about your ability to deliver content and create learning opportunities than being an expert in the subject. Teachers at every level are asked to teach new subjects every day!


    In my 'spare time' I create custom tour experiences for French-speaking visitors. I also continue to work with hotels, restaurants and tourism services in Ghana, and have created HospiGo, a direct-to-student self-guided tourism entrepreneurship program.


    Over the years I've produced major concerts, designed a line of clothing and accessories, co-authored a book, helped design a POS system and was a partner in an Extra Virgin Olive Oil company. On the side I coach startups and produce workshops on cryptocurrencies and the sharing economy.


    Learn More: LinkedIn - Hospitalented - ProfDuchamp