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    You are welcome to use any of these resources. If you would like advice on how to use them feel free to contact me.

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    What Kind of Teacher

    More Leaves = Better

    This document is a good way of illustrating to an online teacher how showing more of their personality can make them more memorable, and thus more engaging to a student.

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    Show Your Leaves

    More Leaves = Even Better

    This is a tool to help online professors identify some things that they can share with students that are low risk and easy. There are fifteen things to coincide with the length of a term or semester.

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    Zero Sum Curriculum

    Everything You Need

    After determining the learning objectives that should exist with an entire curriculum, the idea is to use every one across all of the courses offered in a major or minor.

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    Zero Sum Course

    True Alignment

    Once you've ensured that all necessary learning objectives are spread across the courses, then you need to make sure all of the learning objectives have purpose in the form of learning activities.

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    Listen to Practitioners

    How Do You Know?

    The needs of the industry are always changing. Practitioners will tell you what they need if you ask and listen. Then you can take what you are told and turn it into learning objectives.

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    Course Overlap

    Bountiful Learning

    There are some learning objectives that should be repeated in courses within the curriculum. These are perhaps foundational pieces or more difficult concepts that need extra emphasis.

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    Online Checklist

    Teaching Manifesto

    Inspired the simplicity of checklists shared by author Atul Gawande, this is a basic list of things that a teacher can use to test if they have the necessary pieces for an online course.

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    Student Engagement Example

    The Power of Posting

    This may not seem that important, but I wanted to show an example of how you can let students know that they are seen. Mentioning them in a post lets them know they matter.

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