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    What is Coaching?

    Based on feedback from faculty and colleagues, we are now offering dedicated opportunities for support beyond our community sessions.


    Our focus will continue to be a free resource, but please contact us if you are interested in something more for your faculty.


    Teachers can attend community sessions or we can develop a specific plan of support for an institution. We work with teachers in PK-12 and higher education.


  • The Stakes

    Coaching is helping teachers think differently about online learning.

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    Students are saying "I didn't learn."

    Too many students are reporting that their learning experience has been subpar. While we can't always control the technology, we can improve teaching no matter the delivery method.

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    Let us help you support your teachers.

    If you are a teacher in need of assistance, or you're an administrator who wants to give more support to your teachers, there are several options. We help administrators give teachers the attention they need, complementing what your IT and online learning team are able to provide.

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    We can work side by side with teachers.

    While teachers may get training and assistance from designers and IT, many need a lot more Support. TeachingMVP fills that gap. Costing a fraction of what it would be to bring on a part time instructional designer, we can give teachers a continuous resource.

  • Contact Us

    Let us know what your challenges are and we can develop something that works.

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