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    Don't make that face!

    Join us for open "walk with me" programs where we show you how to build an engaging course.

  • What We Do

    Teaching online isn't easy. Let us help you excel at online pedagogy - the art of remote or asynchronous teaching.

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    Online or Remote Learning

    authentic engagement

    In this unprecedented era of online education following the COVID-19 pandemic, we are here to help. No matter the learning management system, it's all about pedagogy.

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    Learning Objectives

    what do you really want them to learn?

    Is there something foundational students need to be learning? We'll help you identify specific things that can be tied to content and learning activities.

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    read, watch, listen

    There is a ton of content out there that is often overlooked. We'll talk through sources for great content that you can put in front of your students - or create yourself.

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    Learning Activities

    get the (virtual) room moving

    Let us help you create activities that engage students and make your lessons pop! With the exception of COVID restrictions, just because they're virtual doesn't mean you can't get them outside.

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    how do you know that they know?

    Too many teachers think the only way to assess a student is to put them in front of a test. Given the many concerns about cheating, let's explore other options like demos and challenges.

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